The F430 features a 4,308 cc V8 petrol engine of the "Ferrari-Maserati" F136 family. This new power plant was a significant departure for Ferrari, as all previous Ferrari V8's were descendants of the Dino racing program of the 1950s.


The engine's output specifications are: 490 PS (360 kW; 483 hp), at 8,500 rpm and 465 N⋅m (343 lb⋅ft) of torque at 5,250 rpm, 80% of which is available below 3,500 rpm

At GCAP we have designed a package to further refine the Italian supercars character with a few simple modifications.


We use an Capristo exhaust system on our tuning packages for this vehicle.

The valved, Twin Sound Sports Exhaust System from Capristo for the Ferrari F430 Coupe/Spider comes in T309 stainless, polished steel.

This Twin Sound system features a 70mm exhaust valve control and allows for greater performance (up to 13hp gain over the stock system and +6hp over standard Capristo system) and exhaust note.

The valve operated system gives the same fantastic tonal quality at high rpm as the exceptional non-valved system but silences the car at low rpm using valves which connect to the original connections of the stock exhaust.

With the valve closed, the exhaust still offers a more aggressive exhaust note over the stock system and similar to a Capristo Sound Level 1 system. When the valve opens, the exhaust sound is dramatically enhanced and is louder than the Capristo Sound Level 3. This new Twin Sound design offers the less aggressive sound at lower RPMs with the race inspired exhaust note at open throttle.

The Twin Sound system is available in standard configuration which opens the valve automatically at higher RPMs, or a remote control unit is available whereby the driver has total control over sound delivery, allowing the system to be silent or extreme at the touch of a button.


We have developed our own software to increase the cars performance. This comes in two forms. A stage 1 map (I.E. a software only calibration with no hardware changes) and a stage 2 (with our Capristo exhaust system).

When tuning we measure afr, ignition timing, intake temps, EGTs etc. to ensure our tune is as safe and reliable as possible whilst drawing the most out of your supercar.


We have seen gains up to 550bhp and 380lbft.


As with most Ferraris, the brake system is excellent. However we can offer modified braided brakes lines. Our lines have a stronger wall density delivering a more precise and accurate brake pedal feel. This translates into more confidence in your supercar.



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