Power for the new G63 comes from AMG’s M178 engine, as used across the Mercedes-Benz performance car division’s range. The 4.0-litre V8 petrol unit, which sites its two twin-scroll turbochargers within its cylinder banks to provide compact packaging and optimal thermal properties, replaces the old twin-turbocharged 5.5-litre V8 used by the old G63, the M157 as it is codenamed internally.

Power has risen by 14bhp to 577bhp at 6000rpm, while torque extends by 66lb ft to a stout 626lb ft between 2500 and 3500rpm.

At GCAP we have designed a package to further refine the German Sports car's  character with a few simple modifications.


We use an Akrapovič exhaust system on our tuning packages for this vehicle.


The Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system for the Mercedes-AMG G 63 is Akrapovič’s first venture into the high-performance off-road market. It is constructed with high-grade durable lightweight titanium to reduce weight, which is then sandblasted and coated for increased durability. This system is beautifully finished with specially-designed tailpipes exiting on either side of the vehicle, perfectly routed to fit within limited space. It delivers a unique sound for a sporty edge, specially programmed by the Akrapovič Sound Engineers, with a pair of exhaust valves behind the rear mufflers to provide optimal control of the exhaust tones while increasing power and torque levels. This system is ECE type approved.


We have developed our own software to increase the cars performance. This comes in two forms. A stage 1 map (I.E. a software only calibration with no hardware changes) and a stage 2 (with our Akrapovič exhaust system).

When tuning we measure afr, ignition timing, intake temps, EGTs etc. to ensure our tune is as safe and reliable as possible whilst drawing the most out of your supercar.


We have seen gains up to 650bhp and 635lbft.


As with most AMG Mercedes, the brake system is excellent. However we can offer modified braided brakes lines. Our lines have a stronger wall density delivering a more precise and accurate brake pedal feel. This translates into more confidence in your supercar.

Mercedes G63 Exhaust upgrade
Mercedes G63 Akrapovic
Mercedes G63 Brake upgrade
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