Porshce 991 GT3 RS Quicksilver Exhaust

Porsche 991 gen1 GT3 RS in for out stage1+ package.

- Quicksilver side muffler deletes - GCAP stage 1 software

Standard 500bhp / 460nm Tuned 530bhp / 500nm

Gains of +30bhp / +40nm

Many people argue what is best for the GT3 RS in terms of exhaust upgrades - whether it be a backbox upgrade or a side muffler delete. Whilst mostly it comes down to personal preference, we have a more scientific argument for the side muffler deletes. The factory side mufflers are absolutely enormous so by removing these we greatly reduce the distance the exhaust gasses exit the engine. Swapping the bacbox will have no great impact on this.

The factory backbox is already a fantastic product out the box. It is titanium, used in the Carrera Cup race cars and has specifically designed baffles to stop screeching at 9000rpm….if it’s not broken, don't fix it!

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