The Audi RS3 featured a 367 PS 2.5 litre inline five cylinder engine with 465 NM of torque. Production ceased in the second quarter of 2016. The RS 3 Sportback had a seven speed S tronic transmission and quattro all-wheel drive system which helped propel the car to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. The RS 3 Sportback out-performs BMW's M2 & Mercedes-Benz's A45 AMG in a straight line, thanks to Audi's Quattro feature.

At GCAP we have designed a package to further refine the Audi's character with a few simple modifications.


We use an Armytrix exhaust system on our tuning packages for this vehicle.

Purchasing this unique product will invariably boot your automotive love life. Coupled with Quad Chrome Silver Tips, we are talking about a precision centric exhaust system that delivers a great deal of power, within a choice of rev ranges. The effect can only be described as real motoring excellence.

A profound yet resounding sporty echo offsets the exasperating engine noise – allowing the Audi RS3 to revel in the freedom of the open road.

An exceedingly resplendent Throttle pedal sensor and engine RPM signal auto functions ensure drivers can move away without dropping any backpressure by means of automatically closing the valves.

It is important to remember that when your car is being driven at speed, one will find that the valves open involuntarily to boost the horse power and torque.

The automotive superiority does not end there – Audi RS3 drivers can pre-set a time, should they want the valves to open and close by the engine’s revs per minute or by how far down they put their foot down, thus ensuring your vehicle is subject to an innovative driving experience, bringing your pride and joy to a whole new level.


We have developed our own software to increase the cars performance. This comes in three forms. A stage 1 map (I.E. a software only calibration with no hardware changes) and a stage 2 (with our Armytrix exhaust system) and stage 3 (exhaust, cooler, induction kit and map).

When tuning we measure afr, ignition timing, intake temps, EGTs etc. to ensure our tune is as safe and reliable as possible whilst drawing the most out of your supercar.


We have seen gains up to 5200bhp 450lbft.


As with most Audi, the brake system is excellent. However we can offer modified braided brakes lines. Our lines have a stronger wall density delivering a more precise and accurate brake pedal feel. This translates into more confidence in your supercar.

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