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Here at GCAP Performance we are fully trained, certified and licensed to carry out any service on a vehicle's air conditioning system. All of our technicians are F-Gas certified and trained in servicing, repairing and recharging your A/C system.

We use the latest Sun air conditioning machine to carry out our recharges offering a full printed report once completed.


We guarantee we can make your system blow colder than it previously has!

Most manufacturers recommend that the air conditioning system is serviced every two years in order to replenish the gasses used by the system, and to ensure all components are working correctly. Your car manual will give you the specific requirements for your car. Over time, especially through winter months when people do not use their A/C, moisture with porous toxins can accumulate, so we offer a full purification process to remove any toxins and that awful 'cheese' smell left behind after the A/C system is turned off.

What we do on an average AC system recharge:

  • System test

  • Recover any exisiting refrigerant

  • Prolonged vacuum (deep cleanse) of A/C system

  • Detect for leaks

  • Refrigerant re-gas R1234YF or R134A to vehicle specific levels

  • Correct lubricating oil added

  • Leak detection dye injected

  • Full system test

  • Print out generated for your records

We can also:

  • Diagnose and repair faults within A/C systems

  • Detect and pin point leaks

Audi R8 Aircon
AC regas
Porsche Air Conditioning


From the 1st January 2017, vehicle manufacturers were no longer permitted to use R134A refrigerant in new vehicles. The new R1234YF gas has a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) figure and is therefore considered more environmentally friendly. We have the capability of carrying out a re-gas with the 'older' R134A refrigerant as well as the 'new' R1234YF gas. 

The new gas requires new type of machinery that most garages will not carry. We are fully equipped to recharge these systems safely and correctly.

R1234a Regas
R1234a regas


Some hybrid vehicles use air conditioning compressors that are operated by an electric motor instead of a drive belt. The motor’s insulated windings are immersed in the compressor’s lubricating oil. The oils used in these compressors have high dielectric (non-conductive) properties. DENSO has produced a chart showing that as little as 1% contamination by an improper oil can affect the dielectric properties. If a different type of oil somehow makes its way into one of these compressors, and if the insulation on the windings has become damaged or compromised, a variety of problems may occur.

We are one of the few garages in the UK who are fully trained and qualifed in servicing AC Systems on all hybrid and fully electric cars, including Teslas.

Hybrid AC Recharge
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