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GCAP have a renowned reputation for writing custom tuned files for some of the most desirable vehicles on the market. For years we have been at the forefront of the industry researching and developing our own software to help boost performance on a vast range of vehicles.

We offer complete packages for performance, start to finish. Drive your vehicle to us standard and we will build and map a car exactly to your preference. Alternatively, we are happy to offer remapping services to people who build their own vehicles including members of the motor trade (subject to us checking the vehicle over thoroughly beforehand).

All of our files are tried and tested on our own development vehicles before we release them to the public. They undergo rigorous testing on the dyno and the track to ensure we draw the most power whilst retaining reliabilty.

McLaren Remap
Ferrari Remap
Ferrair Tuning


In an effort to provide the best possible tuning service we have teamed up with Dyno Development to have exclusive use of their dyno cell. The dyno we use is capable for 2400hp and allows us to tune FWD, RWD and 4WD vehicles.  The cell is one of the finest units built with complete sound deadening, customer viewing bay, high powered fans and extraction system.

During Rolling Road / Dyno Tuning we can log the following:

  • Brake Horsepower(BHP) / Wheel Horsepower

  • Torque(LBFT or NM) / Wheel Torque(LBFT or NM)

  • Fueling in either AFR or Lambda

  • Vacuum or Boost pressure

  • And More…

Lamborghini Dyno
Lamborghini Tuning


Together with our diagnostic tools we can log Ignition timing, injector duty cycle, air flow, map sensor readings, intake air temperature and much more.


We use the latest equipment to map almost all vehicles available on the market today. Some of the tools we use are from leading manufacturers such as Alientech, I/O, WinOLS, MPPS etc.


We are able to tune all performance, sports and supercars. We have tuned several of the new model Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches. We are also happy to take on projects running Stand alone management with years of experience tuning vehicles on the Link and Syvecs systems.


Where most run of the mill tuners will be unable to tune some of the newer BMW/Audi and Mercedes, we have the quipment to not only map then succesfully, but also for it to be done all through the OBD to avoid any unneccesary cutting/opening of the ECU.

Autotuner remapping tool GCAP
GCAP Remaps London Supercars


As a performance centre first and foremost, our passion is to take a vehicle and push it that bit harder. We strive to increase bhp, improve drivabilty and up the fun factor of all motor vehicles.


At GCAP Performance we offer tuning and performance packages for almost all makes of vehicles. However, we have more developed packages for sports and supercars.


Below are some of the performance modifications we offer:


-Exhaust system.

-Decat Downpipes.

-Induction kits.

-Cone filters.


-Methonal Injection.












-Fuel pumps.

-EGR deletes.

-Boost controllers.

-Engine mounts.


Please have a look at our tuning package sections on our site. We have specific packages for individual vehicles. We have tuning packages for McLaren, Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini vehicles.

So whether you want to get your vehicle ready for a track day or simply want to add a few extra bhp to your car, GCAP can offer you everything you need, supplied and fitted in house.

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