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Along with our tuning packages, we can also offer all servicing requirements for your McLaren. We only use genuine McLaren parts to ensure that warranty is retained by the customer.


All services include a 50 point health check with a printed report so that you can stay on top of any repairs needed and to help document your sports cars history comprehensively.

Some of the service options we offer:

  • Oil and oil filter

  • Oil, oil filter and air filter

  • Oil, oil filter, air filter and spark plugs

  • Brake pad change

  • Brake pad and fluid change

  • Brake pad, brakes discs and fluid change

  • Caliper overhauls

  • Tyres

  • Wheel alignment and geometry

  • Electrical system healthchecks

  • Mechanical system healthcecks

  • Track day preparation and setups (post/pre)



Alongside our servicing and maintenance repairs, we offer a range of upgrades, tuning packages and modifications for your McLaren.

We can offer:

-Exhaust systems (Akrapovic, Quicksilver, Capristo, Novitec)

-Bespoke remap tunes (tailored specifically to your car)

-Upgraded suspension (Novitec, KW, Bilstein)

-Upgraded performance parts

McLaren P1 Service
McLaren Exhaust Upgrade
McLaren Remap


We offer bespoke builds for your audio system, multimedia and electrical retrofits and upgrades. Below are some of our services for your McLaren:

-Complete speaker upgrade

-Full audio builds (amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, wiring upgrades)

-Electrical repairs

-Carplay retrofits

-Interior retrims

-Convertible roof comfort control via the key fob

-Total closure of windows and mirrors

McLaren 765LT Service
McLaren 720S Upgrades
McLaren 600LT upgrades
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