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We do not just offer major performance work at GCAP. Servicing is something you can have carried out here too.

Whether you are after a basic oil change, or a major service with timing belt and water pump etc we can cater to you.

We only use genuine parts when servicing, or we can offer uprated parts where available. We will never use patent or copy parts.

Due to the block exemption we can carry out full dealer level servicing, whilst retaining your warranty. So have your car serviced with people you know and trust!

Lamborghini Servicing
Gary Conway GCAP Performance


There are many different levels of servicing we can offer. Generally we will go by the manufacturers recommendation of what gets changed (INSP1, INSP2, MAJOR etc).

However we can carry out specific types of services at the customer's request. Such services as:

-Cambelts/Timing chain service.

-Brake fluid change.

-Coolant change.

-Gearbox service.

-Oil and filter.

-Supercharger oil.

-Aux belts.

-Power steering fluid service.

-AC Servicing.


Many of the prestigious and luxury car manufacturers have introduced a DSB (digital service book). 

​The Digital Service Booklet provides an online record of a vehicle’s service history. Everything from the parts used, oil viscosity down to the exact technician can be recorded.

The records can be easily accessed for reference and as the record is stored online there is no risk of it being lost or forged.

Independent repairers, such as ourselves, can record service events on the system to ensure the customer’s service record is complete. As independent repairers, we undergo several checks by the manufacturers themselves to ensure we meet criteria.  


We also offer full rebuilds on most manual, semi auto, automatic and DSG boxes.

If your box is in general good health but you would like a complete dealer level service on it we can carry out a full inspection and service using only genuine manufacturer fluids.

We use the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure that once we have changed the filter and fluid, we can monitor temperature and operation of the box to ensure good working order.

Automatic Transmission Servicing
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