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GCAP Performance can offer an extensive health check on your vehicle. Whether you have a boost leak or an electrical issue, we can find, diagnose and repair the problem.

Our health checks mean your vehicle is driven in to the inspection bay and scrutinised. We carry out many checks and then present the customer with a written report. We can offer quotes for the repairs should the customer like.

Our health checks consist of:

-OBD ECU scan for fault codes.

-Engine health check.

-Compression check.

-Fluid checks.

-Boost leak check with Snap-On smoke tester.

-Electrical connectors and wiring check.

-Suspension check.

-Tyre check.

-Transmission check.

-Brake check.

-Bulb check.

-Heating and ventilation check.

-Bodywork check.

If you are have an issue you need diagnosed, be sure to book in for a health check asap.

Snap On thermal imaging
Snap on Smoke Machine
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