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General Terms & Conditions

  • Any Vehicle in for performance/tuning/engine building/upgrades is bound to these terms and conditions.

  • All vehicles must be in full working mechanical order and should be fully maintained/checked before coming for a remap.

  • GCAP Performance reserves the right to not carry out any upgrades on any vehicle if faults are found.

  • GCAP Performance reserves the right to refuse any of its services to anyone for any, or no, reason whatsoever.

  • All BHP/Torque figures are approximate and will vary between vehicles.

  • Any work carried out will be as per customer's request.

  • GCAP Performance do not accept liability for death, personal injury, loss of earnings, accidents, damages, faults or legal claims or any other claim during/after the service chosen under any circumstances.

  • It is your responsibility to inform your insurance company of any upgrades we perform.

  • GCAP Performance do not offer any type of warranty for your vehicle that has one of our remaps carried out on.

  • GCAP Performance offer 12 months warranty on most parts supplied and fitted (except for engine rebuilds *see engine build T&C’s below)

  • Refunds are strictly at GCAP Performance’s discretion.

  • All payments are due on completion of the work. No credit is allowed, No instalments. Invoice must be settled immediately no exceptions.

  • GCAP Performance reserve the right to change or alter any of these terms and conditions on this page at any time.

  • Any coping of these terms and conditions is prohibited in any way shape or form.

  • These terms and conditions are freely available both online and at our workshop. These are final and complete. By booking and ticking the box you agree to these terms as a legally binding contract.


Booking Terms & Conditions

  • GCAP Performance reserve the right to cancel, postpone or rebook any booked service/upgrades for any reason.

  • Any dates offered for booking will only be available for 24 hours. Unless the booking is confirmed within the 24 hours, the date will then be available to other customers.

  • GCAP Performance reserve the right to take a NON-REFUNDABLE Booking Fee for the service/upgrades to confirm your booking. 

  • GCAP Performance have the final word on the Booking Fee, by accepting these terms and conditions you agree that after the cooling off period. Your Booking Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of any change to the booking. 

  • the booking fee will be deducted from your final bill.

  • Any service/upgrades booked will be under these terms and conditions, and by contacting GCAP PERFORMANCE you are agreeing you have read, understood and agreed to these publicly available Terms and Conditions.

  • GCAP Performance offer a 14 day cooling off period from the date of the received payment.

Engine Rebuild Terms & Conditions

  • GCAP Performance will offer a limited 500 mile running in period warranty only. This covers all parts and labour should failure occur during this running in period. This is under the strict criteria the vehicle leaves us with our running in tune on the vehicle to limit speed, rpms etc and comes back to us for the compulsory (and free) oil change. During this period parts and labour will be covered. Once vehicle has been ran in (500 miles) the warranty period is over.

  • Engine warranty is ONLY for 500 miles and on the running in map. The 500 miles must be carried out in less than 12 weeks.

  • GCAP Performance offer an EXCHANGE only engine block when customer's choose oversized cylinder bores. This means that to keep costs low and time frames short, we will prepare blocks we have in stock to an oversized bore condition, fit this in your vehicle and keep your block in exchange (assuming the customer's block is in usable condition. If it is not, there will be a £250.00 surcharge added to the invoice). 

  • GCAP Performance offer NO warranty on forged/rebuilt engines, once running in period has finished. This is due to the fact we CAN NOT guarantee, control or prove you have driven or maintained the vehicle correctly or to our instructions.

  • GCAP Performance offer NO warranty on forged/rebuilt engine parts, once running in period has finished. These DO NOT carry the 12 month warranty like other parts offered at GCAP Performance. These fall under the motorsport part category and therefore can fail due to owner negligence, ECU tunes carried out by companies other than GCAP, driving style, incorrect fuel, incorrect oil etc. Such parts, included, but not limited to, are Conrods, Pistons, Piston Rings, Big end bearings, Mains bearings, Mains bolts, Cranks, Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder heads, camshafts, valves, guides, gaskets, timing belts, bearings, pulleys. 

  • Should an engine failure fail outside of warranty period and customer would like us to help with the investigations, then the vehicle must be stripped and inspected by either us or an independent workshop of our choosing. If the customer takes it upon themselves to strip and inspect, then we are in no way liable for any costs.

  • If customer supplies their own engine parts at the time of engine rebuild or after, then any warranty on the engine (or the parts internal of the engine) will be void. This includes such customer supplied parts as turbos, manifolds, oil lines, water lines, injectors, spark plugs, oil, coolant, camshafts, wastegates, exhaust.

  • Should engine failure occur outside of the 500 mile running in warranty, customer is fully liable for all costs and losses.

  • These terms and conditions are freely available both online and at our workshop. These are final and complete. By booking and ticking the box you agree to these terms as a legally binding contract.


Shop Terms & Conditions

  • Privacy – We are committed to protecting your privacy and information provided by yourselves is considered confidential. We will not sell or share this information with any third party.

  • Quality – This product is guaranteed to be of good workmanship and quality and is equal to all samples shown on this website.

  • Sample – Where a sample of goods is shown on this website, the buyer accepts that the sample is representative in nature.

  • Payment -Policy – Payment is due in full, including postage, before goods are released for despatch. -Shipping – Shipping is not included in the price of the goods and is agreed at time of purchase.

  • Delivery – Delivery of the goods will take place at the address specified by the buyer on, or as close to, the date stipulated at the time of ordering. The buyer shall make arrangements to take delivery of the goods when delivered and will sign for receipt of goods. The seller will not be responsible for any delay to deliver goods due to events outside their normal control such as strikes, accidents, fire and extreme weather conditions. The seller shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of their obligation. If the delay persists for such a time that is unreasonable for the buyer, they may terminate the contract.

  • Returns – The buyer will notify the seller by phone or email, within 7 days of receipt if they wish to return goods. The buyer will then ensure the seller is in receipt of the goods before a further 14 day period. Goods will be unused and undamaged by the buyer and they will be responsible for the cost of carriage in full. Goods will have been carefully repacked by the buyer to avoid damage in transit. Credit will only be given if the goods are in a saleable condition. The seller shall not be obliged in any way to accept items that are damaged. The seller reserves the right to make changes to the Terms & Conditions on this website from time to time and will announce any changes on a key page of the website.

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